Jobs Dashboard

The Jobs Dashboard gives you the ability to run a search within your database of Job records, but also gives you information in regards to your current openings. Think of this as a 30-thousand foot overview that summarizes your current pipelines at a quick glance.

To navigate to the Jobs Dashboard:

  • Click on Jobs in the Main Navigation Bar

  • On the left side of the Jobs Dashboard you’ll find your record summaries
  • These boxes give you a running tally of the total number of Job Order records within your database, as well as the number of Job records with the status of Open
    • My Jobs section only refers to records that have you assigned as the Record Owner
    • All Jobs section refers to all Job records in the database, regardless of owner
  • Clicking any of the numbers in this box will run a corresponding search for that statistic

  • In the middle of the Jobs Dashboard you’ll see a list of Open Jobs based on your selected user
    • An Owner drop-down in the top left corner will allow you to filter the displayed openings by User
    • The All Recruiters option will display all open Job Orders across your firm, regardless of Owner
  • You can sort the list by clicking on the column header of the criteria you wish to sort by
  • Clicking on any of the Pipeline view links will route you directly to that view
    • For example, clicking on the Inbox link would route you to the Inbox view of the Pipeline

  • The left side of the page displays the total number of open Jobs for that view, the total potential revenue of those open Jobs, and the average number of days those Jobs have been open
    • Potential Revenue is calculated based on the Max Compensation and the Fee %
    • In the event that the Job is paying a Flat Fee, that amount would be displayed instead
  • Clicking in the Candidates column of a Job Order in either view will display a quick snapshot of the candidates associated with that Job’s Pipeline

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