Job Board / Careers Page Quicklinks

Quicklinks allow you to create and send customized search links to potential candidates. Rather than directing these candidates to your full list of jobs, you can increase the chances of engagement by directing them to Jobs that are relevant to them. You can also utilize Quicklinks on your website as navigational links to lists of jobs matching specific criteria.

Quicklinks are dynamic, so clicking one at any time will return an up-to-date list of matching Jobs for that moment.

If you’re a member of Top Echelon Network and have an active TEN Jobs Feed subscription, you can also have the option of creating and utilizing Quicklinks that include the Network Jobs that are shared on your website.

To build a Quicklink within Top Echelon Recruiting Software:

  • Navigate to the Jobs Dashboard by clicking on Jobs in the Main Navigation Bar
  • Run a search based on the Job criteria that you wish to send out to your candidates
  • From your results page, navigate to the appropriate view (only applicable for Top Echelon Network members)
    • My Agency  = Jobs that belong to your firm
    • Network Jobs = Jobs that are shared to the Network, belonging to both yours and your trading partners
  • Locate the Careers Page Quicklink card in the top left corner of the results page
  • Click the Apply Careers Page Filter (or Apply TEN Feed Filter) link
    • Clicking this link will filter your results appropriately to display the Jobs that match your search criteria and are also posted on your firm’s Job Board

  • After the Quicklink filter is applied, click the Copy Quicklink link within Careers Page Quicklink card to copy the link to your clipboard
    • You can paste this link in emails to potential candidates and/or add it as a navigational link on your firm’s website
    • Once the Quicklink is clicked, it will direct job seekers to the postings on your Job Board (website) that match the parameters of your search criteria

  • Click the Preview Quicklink link you’d like to take a look at what the job seekers will see on your Job Board when they click the Quicklink on their end

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