Quick Notes

Top Echelon Software gives you the ability to document important comments as Quick Notes in the Timeline of People, Company, and Job Datasheets.

These notes are date, time, and user stamped for tracking and display in the corresponding record’s history. 

To log a Quick Note:

  • Click the Add Quick Note button in the top right corner of the pane

  • The Add Quick Note window will open where you can log your corresponding details
  • Click the Save button when complete

  • Once saved, the Quick Note will be date, time, and user stamped and displayed in the Timeline of that record moving forward

  • Easily edit or delete a Quick Note by selecting it from within the Timeline
    • Please note that deleting a Quick Note is a final action and cannot be undone

  • You can also use the Filter icon in the top left corner of the pane to customize what’s displayed in your Timeline

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