Managing a Pipeline

In this article, we’ll look at managing a Pipeline in Top Echelon Recruiting Software. A Pipeline is a list of candidates that are linked to a specific job order. The Pipeline allows you to quickly see who is being considered for the position and where they stand in the placement process.

Click here to learn about adding records to a Pipeline

Pipelines are broken up into five different views:

  • Inbox – displays all Candidates who have not yet been reviewed/qualified
  • In Play – displays all Candidates that are currently being considered for this Job Order
  • Placements – displays all Candidates in the Placement stage along with corresponding placement details. You can also fill out or edit Placement Forms within this view.
  • Disqualified – displays everyone who has been ruled out as a potential Candidate for this Job Order. All of these Candidates have been designated with a thumbs down icon to the right of the Current Stage column.
  • All Records – displays a complete list of everyone from the Inbox, In Play, and Disqualified views

Customize each view by adding and/or removing columns using view preferences.

You can also sort your columns by clicking on the column header you wish to sort by

  • Clicking once will sort in ascending order
  • Clicking twice on a column will sort in descending order

The  Log/Schedule columns will allow you to quickly log and/or schedule activities for the corresponding Candidate and Job Order without leaving the page. Logging or Scheduling an Activity from here will update the corresponding columns, should you choose to have them displayed.

Checkboxes on the left side of the Pipeline allow you to perform a number of different tasks with one or more Candidates at the same time

  • Once you have selected the appropriate Candidate(s), click on the Select an Action drop-down menu at the top of the Pipeline to see the list of possible actions
    • Checking the to box on the left will allow you to select ALL records within that specific view

The  Inbox and In Play views allow you to quickly see where your candidates stand within the placement process through the Current Stage icons. The Inbox view displays all candidates who have not yet been assigned a stage, while the In Play view displays ALL candidates being considered regardless of stage.

  • Each bubble has a different stage associated with it
  • The stage bubbles are specific to that Pipeline for that Candidate
  • To move a candidate to a new stage, simply click on the appropriate stage bubble
  • The star icon is a visual indicator used to highlight and draw your attention to particular Candidates
    • Simply click on the icon to “star” a Candidate

  • The preview icon will allow you to review the Candidate’s Datasheet without ever leaving the screen
    • Click the preview icon to the right of each name to open the record preview on the right side of the page

The  Placement view allows you to review all Candidates in the Placement stage along with corresponding placement details

  • You can also fill out new Placement forms within this view, or make edits to existing Placement Forms

The  Disqualified view allows you to see everyone who has been ruled out as a candidate for this Job

  • Clicking on the thumbs down icon will designate that Candidate as Disqualified
    • When a Candidate is disqualified, their Current Stage icons will turn red and they will be moved to the Disqualified view

The  All Records view allows you to see a complete list of  everyone in the corresponding Pipeline
  • This view defaults to sort in order of stage with Disqualified records at the bottom
  • When changing the sort order, Disqualified records will always sort secondarily at the bottom of the list
  • The Select All function on this view will truly select ALL records, including those that have been Disqualified

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