Navigation Features

In this article, we’ll review several of the basic navigation features in Top Echelon Recruiting Software that make it easy and user-friendly to move around the software.

(1) Top Echelon Recruiting Software Dashboard

  • The main dashboard displays snippets of your account information at a glance, such as:
    • Record counts for People, Company, and Job Order records
    • Recently viewed People, Companies, and Job Orders
    • Recent Notifications

(2) Main Navigation Bar

  • The options in this bar allow you to access the various databases and functions available with the software
    • Top Echelon logo will return you to the main dashboard
    • People, Companies, and Jobs will direct you to the dashboard for that corresponding database
    • Planner will display all Activities logged and scheduled for your selected time frame
    • Email will display recently sent messages along with several other options such as the ability to manage templates and signature files
    • Reports will show a dashboard that allows you to review recently saved and run reports, as well as create new ones

(3) Notification Bell

  • Notifications within Top Echelon Recruiting Software are a way of letting you know when certain actions are completed within the software (i.e. Contact Imports, Exports, Reports, Merges, records added to one of your Pipelines)

(4) Plus Sign Icon

  • Click this icon to add a new Person, Company or Job Order to your database

(5) Quick Find

  • Allows you to quickly lookup a specific record when needed
  • You can search for any record type based on a variety of criteria such as name, title, phone number, email address, or location
  • As you start typing, results will begin to populate underneath the Find box

(6) Sidebar

  • Allows access to your Daily Agenda, Pinned Records, Hotlists, Recent Records, Help Center and Settings
  • The Sidebar can be expanded and left open for easy access to these items throughout your workday by clicking the corresponding icon 
  • Click the X to close the Sidebar at any time

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