In this article, we’ll review the Planner in Top Echelon Recruiting Software. The Planner allows you to keep track of your Activities and see what you need to do within a specified day, week, or month.

All Activities created within the software will appear in the Planner. Click here to learn more about creating and managing Activities.

To view and manage the Planner within Top Echelon Recruiting Software:

  • Navigate to Planner within the Main Navigation Bar

  • Use the drop-down in the top left corner of the Activity list to select which view you prefer to see: Day, Week, Month, or All Overdue

  • You can also use the calendar widget in the top left corner of the page to navigate to the Activity list for a particular date

  • The filters below the calendar will allow you to specify which Activities you wish to review for your selected time frame
    • You can filter based on Users, Activity Types, and Activity Status
      • Please note: the ability to filter based on Users is dependent on whether or not you have the proper permissions
    • Click the Apply Filters button after making any changes

To complete an individual Activity from the Planner:

  • Click the checkmark icon to the right of the Activity you wish to complete

  • The Edit Scheduled Activity window will appear with the Completed box already checked
  • Add any additional details and then click the Save button
    • If you need to schedule an additional follow-up from here, use the Save & Add Follow-Up button instead

  • Strike-though text will indicate that Activity is now complete

To take an action on Activities from the Planner:

To log or schedule a new Activity from the Planner:

To make a call or send an email directly from the Planner:

  • Hover your cursor over any related record (People, Company, or Job) to view a short record preview containing contact information

Click here to learn more about running reports on Activities in Top Echelon Recruiting Software

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