Recurring Activities

Activities are commonly used to document your completed work throughout the day, but they can also be used to schedule events, follow-ups, or reminders in the future. All of your Scheduled Activities will flow to your Planner where they can be managed day-to-day.

Scheduled Activities also include the option to repeat over a period of time. You can apply daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or even custom recurrence options for Activities that occur at regular intervals.

Recurring Activities will be designated with the following icon throughout the software 

To schedule a recurring Activity:

  • Navigate to a Datasheet, Pipeline or Planner within Top Echelon Recruiting Software
    • From a Datasheet – locate the Open Activities card and click on the Schedule icon 

    • From a Pipeline – locate the Log/Schedule column on the right and then click on the Schedule icon

    • From the Planner – click the Schedule icon in the top right corner of the page

  • The Add Scheduled Activity window will open where you can select the appropriate Activity Type, link any Related Records, assign a Priority, schedule it for a specific date and time, and enter any corresponding Details
    • Scheduled Activities are set for All Day by default, meaning there is no specific start or end time – think of it more like a general to-do list item for that day
    • To set a specific time, uncheck the All Day checkbox, or simply click in the start/end time field to set accordingly
  • To add recurrence, click to expand the Repeat drop-down to select the appropriate interval
    • To set specific days, dates, or apply an end time, select Custom…
  • Click the Schedule button when complete

To edit a recurring Activity:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Activity from a Datasheet, Planner, or Pipeline
  • Click the Activity Type to edit the Scheduled Activity

  • Make any necessary changes in the Edit Scheduled Activity window and click Save when complete
  • You will be prompted to select which Activities you’d like to apply these edits to
    • Note that editing only this one will also provide the option to mark that particular Activity as Complete
  • Click Save once you’ve made your selection

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