Sending Outgoing Email

Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s emailer allows you to send outgoing emails right from the software. You can send these as standard emails, or in a mass format. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to send individual emails, how to send mass recruiting emails, set up email templates and signatures, and review your sent items.

There are two main ways to send an email from Top Echelon Recruiting Software:

To send an email from an individual’s Datasheet:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Person or Company Datasheet and click on the address you’d like to email

To send an email from a list:

  • Navigate to a list of search results, a Hotlist, or a Pipeline
  • Select the records you wish to email using the checkboxes to the left of each name
    • OR select the top box to select all records in your list
  • Click to expand the action icon and then select Email

In either case, a new email window will appear placing the email address(es) of all selected records under the  Recipients field. From here:

  • Select the appropriate Email Type. You’ll have two different options in the drop-down:
    • standard email is similar to sending out a message from your typical email inbox, in that all recipients will be able to see who else is receiving the message as a group
      • You’ll likely use this option for daily transactional emails to individuals or groups that are working together, such as multiple contacts at a client
      • When composing a new email from an individual Datasheet, it will automatically default to the standard Email Type
    • mass email prevents each recipient from seeing the other recipients for the message
      • You’ll likely use this option for large email blasts to large groups of people, like potential candidates or sales prospects
      • Any email can be set to the mass Email Type, but emails sent to 11 or more recipients or originating from a list will always automatically be set as a mass email
      • Mass emails also include an unsubscribe link
  • Enter a Subject and fill out the body of the email
  • Click the Send Email button after your email is composed and ready to send

Please note: Top Echelon Recruiting Software sends mass emails on your behalf, so recipients will see the email as coming from your email address, but it’s being sent out of our email servers. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you’re only ever emailing valid email addresses and people who expect to receive emails from you. This will help to ensure your highest rates of deliverability.

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