Working Network Jobs

The Network Jobs feature allows you to search, review and work other members’ Jobs that have been shared to the Network.

After reviewing a Network Job that you’re interested in, you may choose to work the Job. Working a Job provides several benefits:

  • It will be added to the Working Jobs view of your Jobs Dashboard for quick access
  • You’ll receive update Notifications when the Job is removed (or eventually reshared) to the Network so you’re always in the loop
  • Provides a Working Job Actions card with easy access to common Job functions
  • Provides a My Agency Comments card which allows you to document your own internal comments and notes

Network Jobs can be worked from a search results list, Record Preview, or from the Datasheet.

Direct candidate shares will result in automatically working the corresponding Job. Candidate self-nominations (TEN Feed) do not result in automatically working the corresponding Job.

To work a Network Job from the search results list:

To work a Network Job from Record Preview:

  • Start by running a search for Network Jobs
  • From the results lists, click to expand the Record Preview icon to the right of the corresponding Position
  • You’ll see the preview open on the right side of the page, overlapping your current list
  • Click the Work link in the top right corner of the preview window

To work a Network Job from the Datasheet:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Network Job’s Datasheet
  • Click the Work icon at the top of the record, under the Job Title

Once you’re working a Job:

  • You’ll receive a Notification if the Job is removed from the Network, and if it’s eventually re-shared in the future
    • Click here to learn more about Managing Notifications, if you prefer to receive those via email

  • Working Job Actions card will be added to the Datasheet and Record Preview that includes access to the following actions:
    • Search for candidates: initiates a People search for your agency’s People with the same title
    • Email to potential candidates: opens a new email compose window with the corresponding Job automatically related, allowing you to also take advantage of Job Merge Fields
    • Copy link on your Job Board: copies the URL of this Job on your Job Board
      • Please note: you must have an active Job Board subscription and an active TEN Jobs Feed subscription in order to utilize this feature
    • Share candidate for Job: allows you to select a candidate, or multiple, to submit to the corresponding recruiter
    • Search Jobs with this title: initiates a Network Jobs search for other Jobs with this title that you may be interested in

  • In addition, a My Agency Comments card will be added to the Datasheet and Record Preview which includes access to a text block field for your agency to store additional internal comments and notes
    • Note that this information is only viewable by users on your account, and will not be shared with other Network members

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