Job Board Overview

Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s Job Board allows you to post and advertise jobs on your recruiting website. From there, candidates can apply to your job and then will be available for review on the Pipeline of the job that you’ve posted.

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These will help get you started on the right track with the features and functionality that the Top Echelon Recruiting Software Job Board has to offer – 

Accessing the Job Board Code

The first step in setting up your Top Echelon Recruiting Software Job Board is to access the code needed for your developer to set it up on your website.

Advertising a Job

Start posting Jobs to your website once the once the Job Board code has been successfully added.

Removing an Advertised Job from your Website

Once a Job is filled or cancelled, you can remove it from your website.

Posting a Job to Social Media

Not only can you advertise Jobs on your website, but you can also share them through social media.

Reviewing and Managing Job Board Applicants

When candidates apply to a Job on your site, their information/resume is available for review on the Pipeline for that Job order in your Top Echelon Recruiting Software database.

Allowing a User to Post Jobs to Your Job Board

Is one of your recruiters not able to advertise Jobs to your firm’s Job Board? You may need to grant them access.

Auto Responders

Email templates that are automatically sent from your Job Board each time a job seeker submits their information through your website.

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