Training Tuesday - How to Master Activities (and the All-NEW Mentions System)!

Any good recruiting agency knows the value of recording its day-to-day activities with a candidate or client's file. It helps to provide a history of the relationship and can help avoid a problematic hire or find the perfect fit.

You can use this information to monitor your team and keep them on the right track or help collaborate between departments for a smoother handoff from sales to research to recruiting and beyond! (Infinity may be in there somewhere.)

Join Customer Success Manager J.D. Fye during the next Training Tuesday webinar for an overview of Top Echelon’s Activities system to learn:

  • How to record Activities and Quick Notes in the software
  • Reviewing this information in the Timeline feature
  • Seeing your team's progress with Activity Reports
  • How to collaborate with each other with the brand-new Mentions system
  • And much more!

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