Premium Tier

At the present time, Top Echelon Software offers one version of its software and one pricing tier for that version. However, starting later this year, Top Echelon will offer a Premium Tier of its recruiting software. Upon release, existing Top Echelon Software users will have the choice of upgrading to the Premium Tier or staying on the Standard Tier.

Those users who upgrade to the Premium Tier will have access to more features and functionality, such as Automations and custom Forms. (Keep in mind that additional features will be added to the Premium Tier over the course of time.)

The price of the Premium Tier will be $110 per month for the monthly plan and $89 per month for the annual (yearly) plan. The price of the Standard Tier will remain at $89 per month for the monthly plan and $70 per month for the annual plan.

Beta Users of the Premium Tier

To ensure a smooth rollout of the Premium Tier of the software, Top Echelon is seeking beta users for the Premium Tier features. If you are a beta tester of Top Echelon Software’s Premium Tier, then please note the following:

  • The features and functionality associated with the Premium Tier will be free during the beta testing period.
  • Once the Premium Tier of the software is released, Premium Tier features and functionality will disappear from all Standard Tier accounts.

If you would like to be a Top Echelon beta tester for Premium Tier features, Standard Tier features, or both, please send an email to

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